Vol 4, No 1 (2016)

Transnational Modernisms

Guest edited by Mark Byron.

Table of Contents


Introduction: Parallax Visions of Transnational Modernisms HTML PDF
Mark Byron 1-14
Ulysses: Burlesque Modernism and Antipodean Parallax HTML PDF
Paul Giles 15-39
Christina Stead’s “Devil’s Kitchen”: Seven Poor Men of Sydney as Narrative of Disillusionment HTML PDF
Sam Matthews 40-64
Oriental Woolf HTML PDF
Ira Nadel 65-91
Intermodernism and Transnational Modernism: Vicki Baum’s Grand Hotel and the Americanism of New Objectivity HTML PDF
Juliane Römhild 92-105
Global Modernity, Anthropogenic Extinction, and the Future of Sexual Difference: From Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein to Julia Leigh’s The Hunter HTML PDF
Russell Smith 106-126
Acquisition as Appropriation: From the Parthenon to the Abu Dhabi Guggenheim HTML PDF
Heidi Stalla, Diana Chester 127-142
Visions of the Sun: Modernist Mexico’s Transnational Horizons HTML PDF
Mark Steven 143-168
Wyndham Lewis’s Cosmopolitanism: On Historicity and Modernist Studies HTML PDF
Emmett Stinson 169-186
Jean Rhys’s Piecing of the Local and the Transnational in Voyage in the Dark HTML PDF
Sue Thomas 187-207


Taylor, Julie, ed., Modernism and Affect HTML PDF
Jessica Gildersleeve 208-212
Susan Stanford Friedman, Planetary Modernisms HTML PDF
Lorraine Sim 213-219

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