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Modernism and Rhetoric: Issue 3.1

We're thrilled to announce the publication of an issue on modernism and rhetoric, guest-edited by Sascha Bru, Peter Nicholls, and Matthias Somers with the editorial assistance of Cyril de Beun. It features essays on Brecht, McLuhan, and Pound, together with broader investigations of the Cold-War university and the theory of poetry. Rounding out the issue are reviews of recent works by Fredric Jameson, Jonathan Culler, and Hal Foster. We hope you enjoy it.  
Posted: 2015-12-19
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Vol 3, No 1 (2015): Modernism and Rhetoric

Guest-edited by Sascha Bru, Peter Nicholls and Matthias Somers with the editorial assistance of Cyril de Beun.

Table of Contents


Modernism’s Rhetoric (with a note on terror) By Way of Introduction HTML PDF
Matthias Somers, Sascha Bru, Peter Nicholls 1-8
“Sagen”: Brecht’s Aesthetic of Public Address HTML PDF
Sascha Bru, Anke Gilleir 9-31
Ezra Pound and the Rhetoric of Address HTML PDF
Peter Nicholls 32-48
Reframing Modernism: the Corporation, the University, and the Cold War HTML PDF
Mark Wollaeger 49-77
Marshall McLuhan, Rhetoric, and the Prehistory of Media Studies HTML PDF
John Guillory 78-90
The Maker’s Role: or the Limitations of the Conversational Ideas for the Arts HTML PDF
Charles Altieri 91-111
Why Rhetoric is Magic to Modernism HTML PDF
Ken Hirschkop 112-132


Fredric Jameson, The Ancient and the Postmoderns HTML PDF
Julian Murphet 133-142
Jonathan Culler, Theory of the Lyric HTML PDF
Sean Pryor 143-148
Hal Foster, Bad New Days: Art, Criticism, Emergency HTML PDF
Mark Steven 149-155

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